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A semi rolls down the highwayA semi rolls down the highway

On-Highway Drives

Horton is the pioneer in the global fan drive industry and has been for over 65 years. It continues to innovate fan drive technologies that help products last longer, while reducing fuel consumption and noise. It is the undisputed standard in premier truck and vocational vehicle brands across the globe. Its broad portfolio of fan drives includes On/Off, Two-Speed and Fully-Variable. Look to Horton for best-in-class uptime and performance.

Variable Speed

Viscous fan clutch lcx 230Viscous fan clutch lcx 230

LCX Series

A durable, live-center fan drive with industry-leading low-speed controllability, low off speed and Cold-Start Disengagement (CSD™) technology, specifically engineered for heavy- and medium-duty trucks.

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RCV 250 Fully Variable Fan DriveRCV 250 Fully Variable Fan Drive


Variable speed with a light, compact and reliable design allows the RCV250 to turn larger fans that require higher torque while maximizing efficiency and requiring zero maintenance.

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LCV40 Fully Variable Fan DriveLCV40 Fully Variable Fan Drive


Fully variable design offers significant fuel savings, reduced fan noise, more available horsepower, high torque and improved cooling with increased airflow.

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LCV80 Fully Variable Fan DriveLCV80 Fully Variable Fan Drive


A live center variable speed fan drive in a light, compact and reliable design features impressive fuel savings, reduced fan noise and more available horsepower.

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LCV220 Variable Speed Fan DriveLCV220 Variable Speed Fan Drive


Precision cooling of hotter-running reduced emission engines, offering fast response time and low off speed for maximum efficiency.

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VMASTER Directly Controlled Fan DrivesVMASTER Directly Controlled Fan Drives

VS Directly Controlled

Pulse-width-modulation (PWM) signals from the engine management system to this viscous, directly-controlled fan drive makes it very responsive to changing cooling requirements.

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VMASTER Viscous Air-Sensing Fan DriveVMASTER Viscous Air-Sensing Fan Drive

VS Air-Sensing

Viscous fan drive utilizing a bimetal precision sensor which modulates fan speed based on temperature of air through the cooling package.

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Two Speed

DM Advantage Two-Speed Pneumatic Fan DriveDM Advantage Two-Speed Pneumatic Fan Drive

DM Advantage Two-Speed®

The DM Advantage alternates between eddy-current and spring-actuated cooling to moderate operating noise, increase available horsepower for auxiliary systems and minimize radiator abrasion.

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Arctis Two-Speed Fan DriveArctis Two-Speed Fan Drive

Arctis Two-Speed

The Arctis fan drive offers an efficient cooling solution for on-highway vehicles and applications without ram air, such as medium-duty trucks, buses and severe-service vehicles.

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DM Advantage Two Speed Fan DriveDM Advantage Two Speed Fan Drive

DM Advantage On/Off

The DM Advantage On/Off Fan Clutches offers a superior solution for some of the highest-heat under-hood applications like trucks and buses.

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EC450/EC600 Electromagnetic Fan DrivesEC450/EC600 Electromagnetic Fan Drives


The electromagnetically-engaged series offers no-slip operation for quick response to cooling requirements such as in medium-duty trucks and buses.

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HT650 On/Off Pneumatic Fan ClutchHT650 On/Off Pneumatic Fan Clutch


Heavy- and medium-duty trucks benefit from the engine-controlled HT650 which engages only when cooling is needed. It provides maximum torque for high-airflow fans without slippage.

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Kits and Remans

DM Advantage & HT/S Advantage RemansDM Advantage & HT/S Advantage Remans

DM Advantage & HT/S Advantage Reman Fan Clutches

The DM Advantage On/Off Fan Clutch offers a superior solution for some of the highest-heat under-hood applications like trucks and buses.

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horton fan clutch repair kitshorton fan clutch repair kits

DM Advantage Repair Kits

Horton DM Advantage fan clutch repair kits make things easier at both the parts counter and in the repair bay.

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K32 Dual Pilot Fan ClutchK32 Dual Pilot Fan Clutch

K32 Dual Pilot

The K32 Dual Pilot fan clutch comes with world-class customer service and quality, so even fleets running competitors' fan drives can experience the Horton advantage.

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Polarextreme HT/S REmanufactured Fan DrivePolarextreme HT/S REmanufactured Fan Drive

PolarExtreme HT/S Remanufactured Fan Clutches

The premium remanufactured HT/S Advantage Fan Clutch that is tested for extreme reliability. Includes the new PFD (Piston Friction Disc) and upgraded seal design for a longer life.

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Hubs and Tensioners

horton fan drive hubhorton fan drive hub

Fan Drive Hubs

Designed with unmatched expertise and precision, Horton's drive hubs can be fully customized as part of a comprehensive engine cooling system.

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horton tensionerhorton tensioner


Genuine Horton tensioners are precisely engineered via longstanding accessory design and rotation expertise.

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