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various commercial semi-trucks lined up facing towards the front

Commercial Vehicles

Our advanced engine cooling solutions are designed to meet the needs of any commercial vehicle for the long haul.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, engine cooling solutions are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Advance thermal control systems play a key role in regulating engine temperature and preventing overheating, especially for on-road semi-trucks. OEM manufacturers often integrate fan drives, fan clutches, and fans into their vehicles to enhance engine cooling capabilities. Proper engine cooling not only helps maintain the longevity of the vehicle but also ensures safety on the road by preventing breakdowns. Our engine cooling products are of high quality and durability, providing OEM partners, fleets, and truck owner operators with the ability to reduce maintenance and cost risks. By using our products, they can also develop a more efficient supply chain to better respond to customer demands.

Why Commercial Truck OEM
Manufacturers Choose Horton?

Customized Application Engineering

Utilize our expertise in crafting advanced cooling systems for on-highway commercial trucks. Our team engineers innovative solutions to optimize performance, enhance reliability, and ensure longevity, exceeding industry standards. Delivering products built to withstand the toughest conditions of long-haul trucking, we provide peace of mind and efficiency to fleet managers and truck operators.

Commercial Truck Equipment Material

Designed for on-highway commercial trucks, products like our RS Molded Ring Fans minimize fan tip turbulence with their unique ringed design, improving engine cooling and reducing noise. Crafted from fiberglass-reinforced, heat-stabilized plastic materials, they offer durability and reliability crucial for long-haul trucking in high operating temperatures.

Quality Certifications and Traceability

Our suppliers are held to high standards and are required to be ISO 9001 or IATF 16949 certified. They comply with material regulations, minimize waste generation, and reduce energy consumption. Traceability is available on qualifying projects.

What Products Are Common for Commercial Truck Applications?

Our product offerings for OEM trucks and commercial vehicles in the aftermarket segment include the HS Fan series, LCX Fan Clutch Series, and DMA Fan Clutch Series. These products are commonly used for long haul interstate travel and local delivery services. The HS Fan series offers flexibility and customization options, while the LCX and DMA Fan Clutch series provide efficient cooling solutions. These products are designed to withstand different transporting conditions and climates, providing reliable performance for commercial truck applications.


This fan drive offers industry-leading low-speed controllability, low off speed, and Cold-Start Disengagement (CSD™) technology — catering to a variety of farming equipment.


A bracket-mounted fan drive with industry-leading low-speed controllability, low off speed and Cold-Start Disengagement (CSD™) technology, specifically engineered for heavy- and medium-duty trucks.

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