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Home Cooling Solutions Fan Drives/Clutches HT/S Advantage™

HT/S Advantage™ On/Off Pneumatic Fan Drives for Off-Highway Engines

We started with a technologically advanced hub bearing assembly optimized for durability. We added a PFD (Piston Friction Disc) featuring the System Sentry®. This patented device reacts to heat build up caused by fan drive slippage or fan obstructions. When it senses excessive heat, the System Sentry releases, disengaging the fan drive before extensive damage occurs to the cooling system.


  • Variety of off-highway equipment
  • Variety of on-highway equipment

Recommended Fans

MS Series

Less aggressive, 8-blade design for lower power engines. Available diameter range: 559 – 813 mm [22” – 32”]

HS Series

Innovative design provides increased flow and pressure required by heavy-duty trucks of today and tomorrow. 610-864 mm [24-34 in.]