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Stationary Equipment

In the realm of heavy-duty stationary equipment like generator sets, ensuring effective thermal management solutions is paramount. At Horton, we specialize in providing tailored products and services specifically designed to meet the distinctive demands of this market.

Horton excels in delivering cutting-edge engine cooling systems and advanced thermal control solutions tailored specifically for stationary equipment such as generator sets across diverse markets, including mining and construction. With a proven track record of innovation and reliability, Horton’s expertise ensures optimal performance and durability in demanding environments. Whether for powering mining operations or supporting construction projects, Horton’s solutions provide the efficiency and reliability necessary to meet the rigorous demands of these industries.

Why Manufacturers Trust Horton with
Heavy-Duty Stationary Equipment?

Improved Design Assessment

We provide a team of experienced design engineers focused on electric and zero-emissions heavy-duty OEM vehicles and equipment including stationary applications. Conducting meticulous assessments of customer requirements, we offer interactive design analysis to deliver customized solutions for sustainable transportation needs. Leveraging their expertise, Horton’s engineers optimize cooling systems to align with the industry’s evolving demands.

Tailored Application Engineering

Our team of application engineers works with a variety of manufacturers that produce heavy-duty stationary equipment like generator sets. Our engineers specialize in precision and customization to meet unique application requirements. We work closely with clients to develop solutions tailored to their needs. Our expertise includes optimizing airflow, space and functionality, and ensuring efficient thermal management for optimal performance and reliability in various industries.

Material for Stationary Equipment

Horton’s metal engine cooling fans are designed for stationary equipment such as generator sets. They are custom-made to address specific needs like airflow, size, blade width, shroud type, tip clearance, fan pulley ratio, and fan speed range to ensure optimal performance. Our experienced application engineers specialize in selecting the right fan for light, medium, or heavy-duty cooling requirements for on- or off-highway applications.

What Products Are Common
for Stationary Applications?

Horton provides a wide range of products designed for heavy-duty stationary equipment, including the RCV250 fan drive, RCV fan clutch series, and LCX fan drive series. Our solutions include modular fans like the Windshift or HTEC fans, as well as molded fans such as the MS fan series. These products offer versatile and reliable cooling solutions for a variety of applications. Whether it’s improving airflow efficiency or increasing durability, Horton’s products are engineered to meet the specific needs of heavy-duty stationary equipment in different industries.


The RCV250 has a fully variable hub design that is light and compact. This design allows it to turn larger fans that need higher torque. Its integrated belt-driven design offers flexibility in design. The typical engine horsepower range for the RCV250 is between 350 and 500 kW.


This fan drive is designed to be durable and reliable, with industry-leading features. It offers excellent low-speed controllability, low off speed, and Cold-Start Disengagement (CSD™) technology. It is specifically engineered for use in large off-highway equipment.

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