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Find answers on warranty claims, online ordering, and general business information. Get essential details about our services and doing business with us.

Warranty claim information

Need to make a warranty claim? If your Horton Product fails, Horton is here to assist you with the warranty process. Here is some general information to guide you in getting started.

Warranty FAQs

How long is Horton’s Warranty?

Horton’s warranty varies based on the product, model of the vehicle and the application of that vehicle. For OEM coverage, please contact your OEM for details; for coverage beyond and outside the OEM coverage (including all aftermarket sales and parts) please see our Warranty Statement for more details.

Who can file a warranty claim?

Only authorized dealer/distributors of our products can file a warranty claim. We *cannot* accept warranty claims from individual owner-operators/end users. Also, if you are a third party dealer or repair shop who does not buy their parts directly from us or from an OEM PDC, then the original entity that buys parts from us needs to file the claim, as we would not be able to credit you as a third party dealer. We will NOT be able to process your claim.

If you are an OEM dealer (e.g. A Peterbilt, Freightliner or Navistar dealership), you probably should be filing the claim through the OEM and sending us the part and claim via that route unless circumstances preclude filing that way.

How does the warranty process work?

Horton’s warranty is reimbursement for the purchase of a Horton product to repair or replace the failed unit.

It is *not* a money back guarantee.

A dealer-distributor files the claim, and then sends us the failed part for warranty analysis. Assuming the failure is found warrantable, Horton credits the dealer, and the dealer can then reimburse the end user.

The sequence of events is as follows:

  1. Horton product fails
  2. End user purchases a Horton replacement/repair option
  3. Dealer-Distributor files claim on behalf of end user
  4. Dealer-Distributor sends failed part(s) with a copy of the claim to Horton
  5. Horton analyzes part(s) and claim
  6. If found warrantable or partially warrantable.
    1. Horton credits the dealer
    2. Dealer can then reimburse the customer.
  7. If not found warrantable, Horton scraps the part
    1. Unless the dealer specifies non warrantable parts to be returned (at the dealer’s expense)
What does Horton’s warranty cover?

Horton covers the cost of the replacement/repair that is deemed necessary after analysis of the part and its failure. For example, if a clutch fails, and analysis determines that the clutch only suffered an air leak and could have been kitted with a seal kit, warranty would reimburse for the price of the seal kit, not the entire clutch. A notable exception is Remanufactured clutches. If a Horton remanufactured clutch fails, Horton’s warranty always covers replacement of the remanufactured clutch with another remanufactured clutch, if it failed in a warrantable manner.

What does the warranty not cover?

It does NOT cover items including but not limited to:

  1. Labor
  2. Consequential damage
  3. Towing and other ancillary costs (e.g. travel expenses)
  4. Any non-Horton parts used in a replacement/repair.
  5. Shipment of replacement parts to the dealer/distributor
When can a warranty claim be filed?

A claim must be filed and the parts sent to us within 60 days of the failure.

I didn’t buy a new clutch, can’t I just wait for the analysis to be completed and get my money back?


A clutch or kit must be purchased for a failure to be eligible for warranty consideration. If you do not do so and send us the failed part, you will not receive any reimbursement.

I couldn’t find a Horton part, so I bought a competitor. Is my claim still eligible for warranty consideration?


I bought the Horton clutch on ebay, or from someone else, or I bought the truck/vehicle from someone else. Does the unit still have warranty?


Does Horton pay for shipping the failed part TO Horton?


Canadian dealer/distributors should send the failed part to our Canadian Warehouse. U.S. Customers should send it to our Britton, SD Facility. Mexico Customers should sent failed parts to our Mexico City office. The warranty claim form process provides shipping labels and other information to return the part to us at our expense.

Customers in other parts of the world should contact us for more information.

All parts must include a copy of the claim form and clear identification of the claim and claim number the part being returned is for. Failure to do so can lead to claims being misidentified as a core return and subsequently being scrapped without analysis.

How long will it take for my claim to be processed and a decision made?

For US and Mexico claims, Horton’s turnaround time for disposition is within 30 days of receipt of the failed part. For Canadian claims, this turnaround time is extended by several weeks to a month in order to account for the monthly shipment of parts from our Canadian Warehouse to our Britton plant for analysis.

If more than 90 days have passed since shipping the part for a claim without any response from us, please contact us at Please have the claim number and proof of delivery on hand.

Why was my claim denied?

Claims are typically denied for:

  1. Non warrantable failure modes such as slip and heat or air system contamination
  2. No defects found with a returned part
  3. Non return of parts for analysis
  4. Use of a non-Horton part in the repair
  5. Lack of required documentation or lack of identification of a part returned as being for a warranty claim, or not having filled out a warranty claim form at all and simply sending us a part.
  6. Being outside the bounds of warranty on time or mileage.
I bought a Remanufactured clutch, will my core charge be reimbursed?

Yes, unless both the part was found non warrantable, and a non-warrantable part was requested to be returned to the dealer. If the claim is found warrantable, the core charge will be part of the reimbursement. If the claim is denied, and request of the return of the part was not made, the claim will pay just the core charge.

My warranty was denied. What other recourse do I have?

If your claim was denied and still are seeking reimbursement, please contact your local sales representative.

Where is the warranty form?

Dealer/distributors should contact us at to receive instructions on how to reach the warranty claim form portal.

How do I contact you with more questions?

Email us at

E-Commerce Ordering Process & FAQs

How to create an account/how to login?
  1. All users will need to create a new account on Horton’s new E-Commerce platform, regardless if you have used the old platform or not.
  2. Start by going to
  3. Next click on the My Account/Sign-In button on the top navigation section
  4. You will then be taken to the login and Create A Company Account page. If you are with an organization, check with your company’s admin to see if they added you as a user under your company’s name. If you are starting the process as a new user and creating your organization login information for the first time, proceed with the following prompts:
    1. Click on Create a Company Account
    2. Follow the prompts and answer the required fields. Once you are done you will receive a confirmation email. A Horton E-Commerce staff member will review your account within 24 business hours to approve your account or be in contact with you. PLEASE NOTE: Horton’s business hours are 8AM – 4:30 PM CST, Monday – Friday.
How soon can I login after my account’s created?

The Horton E-Commerce team reviews all new submission immediately as they are received. You can receive access to the new online ordering system within minutes. However, depending on a variety of reasons it could take longer. Please allow for 24 business hours. PLEASE NOTE: Horton’s business hours are 8AM – 4:30 PM CST, Monday – Friday. Your next action will be to reset your password once prompted via email.

How do I look up cross references?

A new feature is that you can find product attributes, cross reference and check inventory all in on spot directly on each product page. Simply scroll down to the table section and click on the Cross Reference section.

How do I apply a coupon code?

Once you get to final section of the checkout process, you will be able to click on the Apply Discount Code button. Once you add your discount code your pricing will be reflected in your Order Summary section.

Why can’t I see pricing on the store?

If you haven’t created an account you will need to do that. For steps on creating an account, see the “How to create an account/how login?” FAQ above. Once approved, Horton’s E-Commerce support team will place you in the appropriate pricing category which will allow you to see your specific pricing. If you already have an account, simply login and your specific pricing catalog will be showcased.

How do I see pricing in Canadian dollars?

Select the currency option on top browser.

How do I add users under my company as an admin?

Once logged as an admin, go to My Account > Company Users > click on the Horton blue button that reads “Add New User”

How do I assign Roles and Permissions for my newly added users?
  1. Once logged as an admin, go to My Account > Roles and Permission 
  2. Click the Add New Role button to create a new specific role for your organization.
  3. Select each box for the permissions you want to allow for the role you’re adding.
  4. If you’re brand-new role, create a Role name.
  5. Once role is created assign to a user.
How do I assign a role to a user?
  1. Once a role is created, go back to Company Users and select the user.
  2. Click edit on the user you want to edit.
  3. Click the dropdown under “User Role” and select new role.
How do I view order history and reorder?
  1. Login into your account and go to My Orders. From here you can review pending and past orders. You can also reorder a previous order.
  2. When placing a reorder, you can update and edit the quantity as needed. You will also be able to apply your discount code. When you are done, click Update Shopping Cart and proceed to the Checkout process.