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Construction Equipment

We offer tailored thermal management solutions to enhance the performance of your construction vehicles and equipment. Our solutions are designed to optimize the efficiency of your machinery in various temperature conditions.

Designing construction equipment components involves high risks, especially during the early development stages. This is when materials and manufacturing processes are tested and validated. To address this, application engineers rely on Horton to expedite design iterations, prototype in final materials, and manufacture complex geometries. Our customized engineering services support the entire product life cycle, from prototyping and design validation to testing and product launch.

Why Construction Manufacturers Use Horton?

Customized Application Engineering

Utilizing specialized knowledge in the development and production of cutting-edge cooling solutions, our focus lies in crafting tailored systems designed to meet the distinctive demands of construction equipment.

Construction Equipment Material

Select from a diverse array of machined fan options crafted from materials such as aluminum, various steel alloys, glass-filled nylon, and advanced heat molding compounds. These materials boast superior properties, including enhanced heat resistance and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Parts and Components

Obtain durable, production-grade parts, components, and auxiliary equipment promptly to sustain the momentum of development and workflow progression in your equipment and vehicles.

What Products Are Common
for Construction Applications?


The RCV250 features a fully variable, light, and compact design hub, enabling it to efficiently power larger fans requiring higher torque, ideal for construction equipment like generator sets and cranes. Its integrated belt-driven design offers flexibility in design configurations. Typically, it operates within an engine horsepower range of 350 to 500 kW.

LCX Series

The fan drive system, with its precise low-speed control, minimal off speed, and Cold-Start Disengagement (CSD™) technology, is ideal for urban construction equipment. By managing speed and reducing noise during startup, it minimizes noise pollution in densely populated areas. Engineered to endure harsh construction weather conditions, it enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime on construction sites.

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