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Home Cooling Solutions Fan Drives/Clutches MSC2® Multispeed

MSC2® Multispeed Fan Drives

In the low-speed mode, the MSC2 draws significantly less horsepower than an engaged on/off fan drive. This helps when hauling on steep inclines in moderate climates by increasing the horsepower available to the drivetrain. The MSC2’s transition from low- to high-speed also creates less change in available horsepower than an on/off fan drive


  • Cranes
  • Variety of other off-highway equipment


Actuation Eddy current at low-speed with pneumatic lock-up*
Typical Horsepower Range Up to 280 KW [375 HP]
Fan blade capacityUp to 762 mm [30″]
Minimum Air Pressure Requirements Minimum 620.5 KPA [90 psi]

Recommended Fans

LS Series

Compact 11-blade design with optimized blades for minimized deflection and reduced fan stress. Allows for custom pilot of bolt circles. Available diameter range: 450 – 600.2mm [17.72″ – 23.62″]