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Our tailored thermal management solutions are designed to maximize the performance of your mining equipment.

Mining equipment manufacturers are facing the challenge of incorporating advanced technology into their machines, such as sensors and actuators that exchange data with other machines and networks. At the same time, they must also provide support for older equipment with long lifecycles, some of which have been in use for decades. By utilizing engine cooling products, manufacturers can optimize and extend the lifespan of their machinery without neglecting their existing equipment, including dragline excavators, graders, and blasthole drills.

Why Mining Manufacturers Choose Horton?

Customized Application Engineering

Utilizing specialized knowledge in the development and production of cutting-edge cooling solutions, our focus lies in crafting tailored systems designed to meet the distinctive demands of construction equipment.

Mining Equipment Material

Choose from a wide range of machined fans made from durable materials like aluminum, various steel alloys, glass-filled nylon, and advanced heat-molding compounds. These materials offer superior heat resistance and durability, making them ideal for mining equipment applications.

Parts and Components

Obtain durable, production-grade parts, components, and auxiliary equipment promptly to sustain the momentum of development and workflow progression in your equipment and vehicles.

What Products Are Common for Mining Applications?

In the realm of mining vehicles and equipment, Horton offers top-tier solutions tailored for durability and efficiency. Our RCV fan drives and HTEC fans stand out among our product lineup, delivering unparalleled cooling performance for heavy-duty applications. RCV fan drives excel in providing robust cooling control, ensuring optimal engine temperatures even in the harshest mining environments. Paired with HTEC fans, these components offer advanced cooling capabilities, vital for the reliability and productivity of mining operations. With Horton’s innovative solutions, mining vehicles and equipment can operate seamlessly, even under extreme conditions, ensuring uninterrupted performance in the most demanding mining environments.

RCV Series

The RCV Series is designed for precision cooling of large-bore diesel applications and has been rigorously tested in tough mining conditions. The RCV2000 and RCV1000 variable-speed fan drives are field-proven and offer innovations to improve reaction time, control of modulation, fuel savings, productivity, and reliability for off-highway equipment.

HTEC Series

Thermoset composite provides for metal like strength but efficiency of molded nylon. High speed ratings with low noise and corrosion resistant properties. Available diameter range: 1,651 – 2,438 mm [65” – 96”]

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