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RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drives

Lighter with a compact design, RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drives are engineered to turn larger fans that require higher torque. The RCV250 is an integrated belt-driven fan drive that can be mounted in various locations to eliminate the vibration inherent in traditional driveshaft-mounted fan drives.


  • Medium and heavy duty trucks
  • Vocational Trucks
  • Buses
  • Specialty on-highway vehicles
  • Generator sets
  • Agricultural tractors
  • Cranes
  • Construction Equipment
  • Variety of off-highway equipment


Maximum torque Up to 250 N-m [2,113 in.-lbs.] (on/off)
225 N-m [1,991 in.-lbs.] (fully variable)
Typical Fan Diameter660-1092 mm [26-43 in.]
Typical Horsepower Range260 – 600 kW [350 – 800 HP]
Weight21kg (46lb)
Voltage12v and 24v

Recommended Fans

MS Series

Less aggressive, 8-blade design for lower power engines. Available diameter range: 559 – 813 mm [22” – 32”]

HS Series

Innovative design provides increased flow and pressure required by heavy-duty trucks of today and tomorrow. 610-864 mm [24-34 in.]

WindShift Fans

Innovative clamshell knuckles attachment system provides flexibility in terms of pitch angles and three different blade shapes for optimized performance. Available diameter range: 610 – 1,320 mm [24” – 52”]