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Off-Highway Drives

Horton’s on-highway fan drive experience has made it a pioneer in off-highway applications as well…and it offers the industry’s largest fan and fan drive product portfolio capable of supporting engines up to 4,000 horsepower. Some of its markets include agricultural and construction equipment, power generation, industrial compressors and material handling. Moreover, its vast design expertise has enabled an easier transition to meeting Tier 4F requirements. Horton fan drives help engines last longer, conserve fuel and produce less noise.

Variable Speed

LCX170 Fully-Variable Fan DriveLCX170 Fully-Variable Fan Drive


From the global engine cooling pioneer comes the most cutting-edge, heavy-duty fan drive yet.

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LCX230 Fully-Variable Fan DriveLCX230 Fully-Variable Fan Drive


A durable, live-center fan drive with industry-leading low-speed controllability, low off speed and Cold-Start Disengagement (CSD™) technology, specifically engineered for large off-highway equipment.

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LCV40 Fully Variable Fan DriveLCV40 Fully Variable Fan Drive


Fully variable design offers significant fuel savings, reduced fan noise, more available horsepower, high torque and improved cooling with increased airflow. Typical engine horsepower range: 50 – 125 HP [37 – 93…

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LCV80 Fully Variable Fan DriveLCV80 Fully Variable Fan Drive


Fully variable design offers significant fuel savings, reduced fan noise, more available horsepower, high torque and improved cooling with increased airflow. Typical engine horsepower range: 125 – 325 HP [90 – 245…

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LCV220 Variable Speed Fan DriveLCV220 Variable Speed Fan Drive


Precision cooling of hotter-running reduced emission engines, offering fast response time and low off speed for maximum efficiency. Typical engine horsepower range: 350 – 800 HP [260 – 595 kW].

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RCV250 Fully Variable Fan DriveRCV250 Fully Variable Fan Drive


Fully variable with light, compact design hub allows the RCV250 to turn larger fans that require higher torque. Integrated belt-driven design allows design flexibility. Typical engine horsepower range: 469 – 671 HP…

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RCV1000 Fully Variable Fan DriveRCV1000 Fully Variable Fan Drive


Fully variable, viscous fan drive, specifically designed to provide precision cooling in high horsepower, off-highway applications. For 30 – 50 liter engines. Typical engine range: 700 – 3,000 HP [522–2,237 kW].

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RCV2000 Fully Variable Fan DriveRCV2000 Fully Variable Fan Drive


Variable speed, viscous fan drive, designed to provide precision cooling in high horsepower, off-highway applications. For 50-liter engines and larger. Typical engine range: 1,700 – 4,000 HP [1,268–2,983 kW].

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VS Directly Controlled Fan DriveVS Directly Controlled Fan Drive

VS Directly Controlled

Pulse-width-modulation (PWM) signals from the engine management system to this viscous, directly-controlled fan drive makes it responsive to changing cooling requirements.

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VS Air-Sensing Fan DriveVS Air-Sensing Fan Drive

VS Air-Sensing

Viscous fan drive utilizing a bimetal precision sensor which modulates fan speed based on temperature of air through the cooling package.

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Two Speed

DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan DriveDM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Drive

DM Advantage® Two-Speed

Alternating between eddy-current and spring-actuated cooling to moderate operating noise and increase available horsepower for auxiliary systems. Typical engine horsepower range: Up to 600 HP [447 kW].

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Arctis Two-Speed Fan Drive -- Horton fan clutchArctis Two-Speed Fan Drive -- Horton fan clutch

Arctis Two-Speed

The Arctis fan drive offers an efficient cooling solution for off-highway vehicles and applications with little to no ram air. Typical engine horsepower range: 250–600 HP [186–447 kW].

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MSC2 Multispeed Fan DriveMSC2 Multispeed Fan Drive

MSC2® Multispeed

The MSC2 two-speed design provides optimal cooling in low mode, most of the time, thereby drawing less horsepower. Typical engine horsepower range: up to 375 HP [280 KW].

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DM Advantage On/Off Pneumatic Fan Drive Diesel Engine Cooling SystemDM Advantage On/Off Pneumatic Fan Drive Diesel Engine Cooling System

DM Advantage On/Off

The DM Advantage On/Off Fan Drive offers a superior solution for some of the highest-heat under-hood applications. Typical engine horsepower range: 250-600 HP [186-447 KW].

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Pneumatic Fan DrivePneumatic Fan Drive

HT/S Advantage

The air-engaged HT/S Advantage has a special bearing assembly and an air cartridge with carbon tip and double O-ring seal to prevent leakage.

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HT650 fan drives for fuel savingsHT650 fan drives for fuel savings


The HT650 on/off pneumatic fan drive delivers significant fuel savings by engaging only when cooling is required.

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EC450/EC600 Electromagnetic Fan Drive for Off-Highway PerformanceEC450/EC600 Electromagnetic Fan Drive for Off-Highway Performance


The electromagnetically-engaged series offers no-slip operation for quick response to cooling requirements. Typical Engine horsepower range respectively: 50-275 HP [37-205 KW] and 50-275 HP [37-205 KW].

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Hubs and Tensioners

horton fan drive hubhorton fan drive hub

Fan Drive Hubs

Fully customized. Stronger. More durable. Fan drive hubs from Horton help provide complete engine cooling solutions.

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horton tensionerhorton tensioner


Genuine Horton tensioners are precisely engineered via longstanding accessory design and rotation expertise.

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