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MS series

The MS Series has an 8 or 9-blade cooling fan designed to cool lower power engines that require a less aggressive fan. Lightweight and an efficient design make this series a great choice for increased airflow and efficiency.


  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Medium-duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Vocational Trucks
  • Variety of off-highway equipment
  • Variety of on-highway equipment

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Diameter559 – 813 mm [22 – 32 in.] 560 – 762 mm [22 – 30 in.]
Blade Configurations 8-blade 9-blade
Standard Pilots51 – 178 mm [2 – 7 in.] 51 – 127 mm [2 – 5 in.]
Maximum Pitch Width92 mm [3.62 in.] 92 mm [3.62 in.]
Weight32″ diameter fan = 4.3 kg [9.5 lbs.] 28″ diameter fan = 3.7kg [8.2lbs]

Recommended Drives


Variable speed with a light, compact and reliable design allows the RCV250 to turn larger fans that require higher torque while maximizing efficiency and requiring zero maintenance.

VS series

Pulse-width-modulation (PWM) signals from the engine management system to this viscous, directly-controlled fan drive makes it responsive to changing cooling requirements.