Cooling Fans

No manufacturer knows on-highway fan design like Horton. Horton is standard equipment on the premier brands of heavy-duty, long-haul trucks…but is also used on highly-recognized medium-duty truck brands as well…some you see every day like refuse trucks, panel trucks and utility vehicles. Depending on your product and the environment in which it operates, Horton can offer a variety of fan component materials from nylon, to metal, to complex composites.

Fan Diameter MOLDED
18-24" (450-600mm) LS11 Nylon Fan
22-32" (559-813mm) MS8 Nylon Fan
22-30" (560-762mm) MS9 Nylon Fan
24-30" (600-750mm) Molded Ring Fans
24-32" (610-813mm) HS9 Nylon Fan
28-32" (711-813mm) HS6 Nylon Fan
HS11A Nylon Fan
28-34" (711-864mm) HS11 Nylon Fan