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RS Nylon Molded Ring Fans

Developed specifically to deliver higher cooling performance at lower fan speeds, RS Molded Ring Fans also improve fuel economy.

The distinctive ringed design reduces cooling fan tip turbulence. Enclosing the fan blade circumference enhances engine cooling, and results in quieter operation. Manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced, heat-stabilized plastic materials, RS Molded Ring Fans retain their strength even at high operating temperatures.


  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Medium-duty trucks
  • Light-duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Agricultural tractors
  • Variety of on-highway equipment
  • Variety of off-highway equipment

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Diameter600 mm [23.6 in.]813 mm [32 in.]813 mm [32 in.]
Blade Configurations6-blades8-blades11-blades
Standard Pilots51 -127 mm [2 -5 in.]245 mm [9.65 in.]265 mm [10.5 in.]
Maximum Pitch Width92 mm [3.62 in.]120 mm [4.7 in.]122 mm [4.8 in.]
Weight2.5 kg [5.51 lbs.]4.1 kg [9.04 lbs.]3.3 kg [1.5 lbs.] and up

Recommended Drives


Variable speed with a light, compact and reliable design allows the RCV250 to turn larger fans that require higher torque while maximizing efficiency and requiring zero maintenance.

LCX Series

A durable, live-center fan drive with industry-leading low-speed controllability, low off speed and Cold-Start Disengagement (CSD™) technology, specifically engineered for large off-highway equipment.