Cooling Fans

No manufacturer knows off-highway fan design like Horton.  Depending on your product and the environment in which it operates, Horton can offer a variety of fan component materials from nylon, to metal, to complex composites.

10-96" (254-2438mm) Metal Standard Fans
16-22" (406-559mm) Shogun Fans
18-24" (450-600mm) LS11 Nylon Fan
22-30" (550-750mm) HEHF Fan
22-32" (559-813mm) MS8 Nylon Fan
22-30" (560-762mm) MS9 Nylon Fan
24-32" (610-813mm) HS9 Nylon Fan
24-41" (610-1040mm) Windshift Fans
25-40" (640-1020mm) Windshift Fans
28-34" (711-864mm) HS11 Nylon Fan
32-48" (810-1220mm) Windshift Fans
32-52" (810-1320mm) Windshift Fans
34-47" (864-1194mm) Composite Standard Fans
35-56" (890-1422mm) HM1400 Fan
47-72" (1194-1829mm) Horton Thermoset Engineered Composite (HTEC) Fans - 1800
65-96" (1651-2438mm) Horton Thermoset Engineered Composite (HTEC) Fans - 2500