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An overhead view of a rural construction siteAn overhead view of a rural construction site

Off-Highway Fans

Horton is the industry’s leading innovator when it comes to engine cooling fans. Depending on your product and the environment in which it operates, Horton can offer a variety of fan component materials from nylon, to metal, to complex composites. We offer a complete portfolio of styles too, ranging from 16 to 96 inches—and everything in between. At Horton, we build the fan to your needs while optimizing performance characteristics like air flow, noise and efficiency.


WindShift Modular Cooling FanWindShift Modular Cooling Fan

WindShift Fans

Innovative clamshell knuckles attachment system provides flexibility in terms of pitch angles and three different blade shapes for optimized performance. Available diameter range: 610 – 1,320 mm [24” – 52”]

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Shogun Modular Cooling FanShogun Modular Cooling Fan

Shogun Modular Fans

Ideal for reduced-emission engines with flexibility in terms of blade counts and bolt circles fastened by rivets to a durably-constructed center disk. Available diameter range: 406.4 – 559 mm [16” – 22”]

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HTEC 1800 Series Cooling FanHTEC 1800 Series Cooling Fan


Thermoset composite provides for metal-like strength but efficiency of molded nylon. High speed ratings with low noise and corrosion resistant properties. Available diameter range: 1,194 – 2,438 mm [47” – 96”]

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An overhead view of a construction siteAn overhead view of a construction site

HTEC 2500 Series Fan

Thermoset composite provides for metal like strength but efficiency of molded nylon. High speed ratings with low noise and corrosion resistant properties. Available diameter range: 1,651 – 2,438 mm [65” – 96”]

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WindMaster Composite Nylon Engine Cooling FanWindMaster Composite Nylon Engine Cooling Fan

Composite Nylon Fans

Nylon blades attached to metal spiders for lighter weight and added efficiency. Available diameter range: 864 – 1,194 mm [34” – 47”]

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HM1400 Series Modular engine cooling fanHM1400 Series Modular engine cooling fan

HM1400 Modular Fan

Utilizes the optimized HTEC blade design while providing the reduced weight of the proven Horton molded blade: 890 - 1,422mm [35" - 56"]

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WindMAster MS8 Nylon Standard Cooling FanWindMAster MS8 Nylon Standard Cooling Fan

MS8 Nylon Fan

Less aggressive, 8-blade design for lower power engines. Available diameter range: 559 – 813 mm [22” – 32”]

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MS9 Nylon Engine Cooling FanMS9 Nylon Engine Cooling Fan

MS9 Nylon Fan

Unique blade shape, 9-blade design for increased airflow and efficiency. Available diameter range: 560 – 762 mm [22” – 30”]

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flow control hs11a fanflow control hs11a fan

HS Series

Innovative design provides increased flow and pressure required by heavy-duty trucks of today and tomorrow. 610-864 mm [24-34 in.]

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compact equipment engine fan ls5compact equipment engine fan ls5

LS5 Molded fan

Nylon molded with compact design for smaller applications to provide optimum airflow with less noise. 330-600 mm [13-24 in.]

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WindMaster Nylon LS11 Standard Cooling FanWindMaster Nylon LS11 Standard Cooling Fan

LS11 Nylon Fan

Compact 11-blade design with optimized blades for minimized deflection and reduced fan stress. Allows for custom pilot of bolt circles. Available diameter range: 450 – 600.2mm [17.72" – 23.62"]

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WindMaster Molded Ring Cooling FanWindMaster Molded Ring Cooling Fan

RS Nylon Molded Ring Fans

Higher cooling performance at lower fan speeds with 9-blade ring design that reduces fan-tip turbulence. Ideal for heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks and buses. 550 - 813 mm [22” – 32”]

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metal engine cooling fanmetal engine cooling fan

Metal engine cooling fans

Highly-customizable, with multiple blade configurations in steel or aluminum. Available diameter range: 254 - 2,438 mm [10" - 96"]

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