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Horton has been producing products for off-highway equipment, including industrial applications, for over 65 years. Some of these include agricultural tractors, sweepers, aerial work platforms, mining trucks, articulated vehicles, excavators, generators and industrial compressors. Our products often operate in harsh conditions. But Horton builds them accordingly—to withstand heat and cold, frequent starts and stops, dust, grit and chemicals. We work closely with customers to help them optimize fuel efficiency, reduce noise and improve engine reliability in cold weather—and no one is better at engineering custom solutions.

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Variable Speed Fan Drive Performance Demonstration

Ever wonder how much a variable speed fan drive can help lower fuel consumption and noise levels? See for yourself in our performance demonstration video.

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An overhead view of a construction siteAn overhead view of a construction site


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Fan Drive Fuel EconomyFan Drive Fuel Economy

Maximizing Fuel Economy

Any fan drive is going to put a load on your vehicle’s engine…and that consumes fuel. What matters is optimizing when and how often that fan cycles and at what speed. For example, having a fan run in cold conditions is often unnecessary…and can lead to the issue of over cooling. Ask Horton to help you choose the right cooling system for the conditions and environments in which your vehicles or equipment operate.
A side view of a lumberyard during the winterA side view of a lumberyard during the winter

Increasing Reliability

Horton builds its products and cooling systems to suit the environments in which they operate. We call it “optimal cooling.” It’s perfect for off-highway vehicles or products that are subject to reliability problems in cold weather. Conversely, it’s perfect for products performing heavy work in hot environments, when extra horsepower can enhance productivity. And while building quality into a product used to be a selling feature, it’s now expected. Horton builds fans, fan drives and other components such that they not only satisfy our OEMs’ requirements, they exceed them. And our manufacturing facilities meet stringent industry standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949. We build our products right the first time and every time—so they last.
A bobcat sits off ready for use with a cooling system with reduced noiseA bobcat sits off ready for use with a cooling system with reduced noise

Reducing Noise

Horton fan drives and fans will keep your engine cool…but they can help minimize the noise of your equipment as well. Less noise increases the comfort for your equipment operators so they can focus on the work—not the noise. It also helps with neighborhood harmony should your application work close to or within populated areas. Horton has a variety of fan drives and fan-blade designs to suit your needs and goals when it comes to maximizing efficiency while ensuring proper cooling.

Engine Cooling Fans

Horton is the world’s largest producer of fans for the on- and off-highway markets. Accordingly, it has an edge in terms of design and experience with cutting-edge materials because…the simple fan is no longer simple and it is an integral part of the engine cooling system.

Fan Drives

The purpose of the fan clutch, with an attached fan, is to help keep engines within set operating temperature parameters, usually defined by the manufacturer. The temperature sensing can be accomplished by a bi-metallic sensory system or by an electronic control. The two terms, “fan clutch” and “fan drive,” are interchangeable.