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New Horton HTEC Efficiency Performance Video


July 26, 2017

Horton’s HTEC fans are an efficient, quiet and extremely durable solution for your cooling needs.

HTEC fans are not metal or nylon, but instead a Thermoset Engineered Composite. The cross-linked molecular bonding provides for higher performance and durability. The composite structure allows Horton to more effectively optimize blade characteristics like length, shape, and tip design. Unlike nylon, the composite features less deflection to provide additional cooling performance.

HTEC fans are efficient, quiet and durable. They move more air at a lower speed than metal fans. Lower speed equals less noise and allows for more available horse power to do more work. It leads to more productivity and greater operator comfort. These benefits make them ideal for solving customer challenges for heavy-duty off-highway applications,

Visit the off-highway page to learn more about Horton HTEC fans and other products for your application. Off-Highway