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How semi truck dealers can spec Horton on the new Freightliner Cascadia


March 30, 2020

Among the bevy of options truck customers have to choose from when purchasing a new vehicle is specifying which custom systems they’d like to deploy.

Choosing the right options, while it takes a few extra moments, can provide improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions and greater durability and fewer service-related headaches down the road.

The engine cooling system is one example.

The Horton DM Advantage On/Off fan clutch is available as an “unpublished” option on the Freightliner Next-Generation Cascadia — one of the most popular trucks on the road today. This means Freightliner dealers must go into their specification software, called “SpecPro,” and select the DM Advantage On/Off option for customers who wish to specify Horton.

There is no upcharge for this upgrade.

With a long-lasting friction liner and ultra-reliable individual components, the DM Advantage On/Off can deliver Cascadia buyers a lower total cost of ownership. Its double angular row contact (DRAC) bearings lasted up to three times longer than the competition’s bearings during hot-box durability tests.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how dealers can order the Cascadia with a Horton fan clutch:

1. In SpecPro, navigate to the “Engine Fan Drive” section.

2. “Air powered on/off engine fan clutch” will be selected as the default option. Select “Custom Fan Clutch Drive,” then double click to open the Alter Option screen.

3. Enter the relevant data code. The code to spec a Horton DM Advantage On/Off fan clutch is 273-018. Then click “Find Option.”

4. Make sure “Horton Drivemaster Advantage On/Off Fan Drive ” is highlighted. Click “Select.”

5. The option description field will change to “Horton Drivemaster Advantage On/Off Fan Drive. Click “OK” at the bottom of the Alter Option screen.

6. The selected option now appears in the Engine Fan Drive section. That’s it!

The DM Advantage On/Off clutch is also optimized for and compatible with Freightliner’s legacy Cascadia and other medium-duty trucks. Customers with questions are encouraged to contact their local Horton sales rep for more information.