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Texas Disposal Systems Increases Uptime with Horton RCV250


June 28, 2018

“I don’t want anything but a Horton hanging on the front of our trucks. We need OEMs to specify the RCV250 as standard. We’d be so far ahead.” Harold Graves – Director of Maintenance

Horton recently released a new case study highlighting the solution for a customer in Texas with over 279 trucks and averaging 50,000 truck hours per month.

Texas Disposal Systems is one of the largest, privately-owned resource management companies in the United States. It has more than 700 employees and operations in Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, San Angelo, Alpine, Weimar and Sealy. It owns and operates a fleet of 279 trucks, of which 250 are on the road at any time.

Texas Disposal Systems was experiencing failures on competitor variable speed fan drives every 12 to 18 months. Often the failed drives would break apart and come off the hub, thereby going into the radiator and causing collateral damage and exacerbating downtime. Additionally, due to the exposed harnesses on the fan drives, when the belts or tensioners would fail it would destroy the control harness on the fan drive. Harold Graves, looking to improve uptime and a solution to these issues reached out to Horton to explore the Horton RCV250. This fan drive has a patented integrated design, which provides for excellent durability and prevention of collateral damage, with the control harness protected from broken or frayed belts.

The high-quality engineering of the Horton RCV250 fan drive proved to be a superior alternative to the fan drive brand previously used.  Having completed successful testing and not experiencing any failures, TDS now has a standard process to replace any failed drive unit with an RCV250. In fact, the original RCV250 that was first put on one of the trucks four years ago is still operating flawlessly, already doubling the service life of the competitive drives.