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Home Resources Blog Los Angeles Sanitation Increases Uptime and Driver Comfort with Horton RCV250

Los Angeles Sanitation Increases Uptime and Driver Comfort with Horton RCV250


October 24, 2017

“Our technicians are excited to see viscous clutches on trucks. It’s almost been a year since we installed the Horton RCV250 and we haven’t had a problem”, John Ferris – Director of Fleet Maintenance.

Horton recently released a new case study highlighting the solution for a customer in Los Angeles, California with over 800 refuse collection trucks.

LA Sanitation collects over one million tons of refuse annually and is the lead agency for the city’s environmental programs and initiatives. As a direct result of the fleet’s heavy workload, it’s imperative that all of the organization’s trucks have maximum uptime and support driver comfort, with significant attention being focused on noise reduction and cab temperature. With its fleet serving more than 750,00 customers throughout the city and running more than 15 hours each day, the company was looking for a turnkey solution that provided precision engine cooling with less maintenance.

The Horton RCV250 variable speed fan drive was implemented and cools the engine by the precise amount needed, thus reducing the number of full-speed fan engagements necessary for optimal performance. With this new variable speed fan drive on the trucks, LA Sanitation has experienced a noticeable decrease in noise volume and cab heat – a welcome improvement to both drivers and mechanics. Additionally, the product has eliminated the need for fan drive maintenance provides increased uptime so trucks spend less time in the repair bay and more time serving Los Angeles.