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Home Resources Blog Horton RCV250 Fan Drive Exceeds 1.1 Million Cycles

Horton RCV250 Fan Drive Exceeds 1.1 Million Cycles


June 8, 2018

A Horton RCV250 fan drive recently exceeded 1.1 million cycles in Horton’s test lab on which it was installed in 2013!

Horton enjoys a reputation for designing and building high-quality fan drives and accessories. Part of the process is to subject its products to rigorous lab and field tests to ensure customers can count on dependable and reliable performance. The result is high-performance products that last. The million plus on/off cycles achieved by the RCV250 fan drives during the endurance test is a testament to Horton’s design and quality standards.

To better understand the capabilities of the RCV250, Horton conducted endurance testing in on/off operation. Over the course of four years, the RCV250 accumulated over 1.122 million cycles. As a comparison, that’s equivalent to five friction liner replacements on the highly reliable Horton DM Advantage On/Off fan clutch and more than 10 friction liner replacements on competitor clutches under similar test conditions.

In addition to superior durability, the design of the RCV250 offers many other advantages. It is fully variable and operates as required to provide optimum engine cooling. In effect, it runs slower or faster as necessary, thereby reducing noise, fuel consumption and parasitic draw on the engine, i.e., more horsepower is available for work. Further, it features an unexposed control harness (wires go through center of drive) which means if a belt breaks, it won’t damage the wiring, helping preserve the integrity of the fan drive. It is also compact and lighter weight than competitive products and is therefore easier to install. Finally, it does not have a friction liner or other wear parts to replace and is maintenance-free to help operators maximize uptime.

“Horton continues to focus on delivering high-quality solutions to meet the demanding needs of the on-highway market,” said Manish Virmani, vice president of Global Market Development for Horton. “The million plus cycles of the RCV250 demonstrates its ability to enhance vehicle uptime which is so critical to our customers.”