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Horton is recognized, worldwide, for one distinct quality that leads to many other customer benefits: collaborative solution development. It is why brand leaders in the on- and off-highway markets have come to Horton for over 65 years to solve the most challenging engine cooling needs. Horton listens. The result is a keen understanding of your cooling needs and development of optimized solutions.


The specialized needs of our customers, both large and small sized companies, have often been the catalyst for Horton’s engine cooling innovations and leadership. Horton employs one of the engine cooling industry's largest teams of engineers, designers and technicians. And it’s not about just customizing one component…rather we can customize the entire solution for you, with the right fan, drive, bracket, hub and more.

Design. Optimize. Prove.

Horton products have a record of proven performance and durability—and that gives current and prospective customers confidence. That reputation is founded on astute design, systemized manufacturing, and then robust testing in the lab and more importantly, in the field. Horton uses the latest software, simulation design tools and manufacturing methods, supplemented by extensive in-house testing resources. In a world where uptime is critical, we keep you moving.


Horton designs based on real world applications with our state-of-the-art R&D and tech centers. Using load and duty cycle cases, virtual wind tunnel software and computational fluid dynamics allows Horton to design a product with durability and performance for even the harshest environments.


With over 65 years of experience, our industry leading cooling system simulator, reverberant-room featuring an acoustically treated tunnel and 3D printing capabilities our engineers are able to understand the complete cooling system’s in-depth operation and performance


We know surprises cost money so we put our products through a rigorous validation program. Vibration durability and strain testing using our hydrodynamic shaker system, thermal shock and accelerated life tests in addition to proving in our advanced wind tunnel, dynamometer and field tests are a few of the ways Horton ensures our customers get the best.

Support. Anywhere. Anytime.

Despite its growth and global expansion, Horton has not lost its personal touch and customer-first orientation. These qualities are why customers keep coming back to Horton: questions are answered, technical challenges solved, emergencies mitigated and promises kept.

Horton has an agile team of sales and service representatives and one of the best-trained, distributor and dealer networks, worldwide. Horton understands time is money-especially when one or more of the fleet is not operational or a machine is out of service. We take your business seriously — like we do our own — and we know support is critical.

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