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Home About Us News & Press Release With introduction of RCV2000 variable-speed fan drive, Horton unveils full-scale engine cooling solutions for mining equipment

With introduction of RCV2000 variable-speed fan drive, Horton unveils full-scale engine cooling solutions for mining equipment


August 4, 2020

ROSEVILLE, Minnesota – During a time when efficient extraction and transfer of resources may be more important than ever, Horton’s newest technology is helping mines around the globe save on fuel, increase uptime, lower emissions and reduce noise.

On Tuesday, the Roseville, Minnesota-based engine cooling leader unveiled its state-of-the-art RCV2000 variable-speed fan drive. The RCV2000 is part of a line of comprehensive front-engine solutions for large-bore diesel applications, including mine haul trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, graders, dozers and generator sets.

“Horton has spent years working hand-in-hand with mining OEMs to develop cooling solutions that provide ultimate reliability, even in the most extreme conditions,” Horton CEO and President Cordell Dietz said. “We know mining leaders are focused on maximizing extraction revenues and lowering costs. Our strategic shift into the industry helps them achieve both of those objectives.”

The RCV2000 is already standard on Komatsu’s 830E-5 and 930E-5 mine haul trucks, and a major international engine OEM. Using viscous technology to optimize airflow, the fan drive’s control system communicates directly with the vehicle’s ECM to turn the engine fan only as fast as necessary.

Fully-variable-speed drives like the RCV2000 minimize fuel costs thanks to more efficient engine operation, reducing engine parasitics by minimizing fan RPM to the absolute minimum. They’re also simple to install and come maintenance-free.

Horton’s design, application and manufacturing engineering teams have spent the better part of a decade perfecting the RCV2000. This includes construction of a mining-specific test lab in the company’s Roseville, Minnesota research and development center, and dedicated manufacturing resources and technology at the company’s Britton, South Dakota plant.

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“Mines around the world focus on increasing productivity while minimizing noise and emissions,” said Erik Roell, Horton’s vice president of global market development. “The right fan and fan drive can help make a haul truck more productive, reduce noise, and lower emissions, and with the durability of the RCV2000, the mine can realize these benefits for the life of the engine.”

Also available in a smaller, lower-torque RCV1000 model, Horton’s mining-focused fan drives are part of complete engine cooling systems. When paired with HTEC – made from a proprietary compositive material that’s resistant to wear and tear, and impervious to corrosion – or metal fans, these packages boost both fuel economy and uptime. Efficient fan blade design reduces fuel consumption compared to similar fans on the market, and Horton’s decades-long tradition of producing reliable, durable products ensures longevity of the entire cooling system.

Horton also offers drive hubs, tensioners and other front-engine accessories to help mining equipment manufacturers streamline their global supply chain.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting fallout, the timing to do so might not be better.

“Horton’s partnership with mining OEMs is our humble but impactful opportunity to make sure the world’s resources are harvested in sustainable, responsible and financially viable ways,” Horton Off-Highway Product Manager Blake Harris said. “We take a lot of pride in that mission.”