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Horton Inc. Developing High Voltage Cooling Systems for Heavy-Duty Equipment


Horton Inc. has developed a system to cool electric motors, generators and other heavy-duty equipment using electrified cooling fans instead of the traditional engine radiator fan.

Horton, Inc., a global pioneer focused on developing innovative cooling solutions for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, is developing a new high-voltage cooling system to cool the power systems for battery- and fuel cell-electric vehicles (EV) and equipment. This innovation comes as a response to state and federal regulations, growth in popularity for electric vehicles and rising demand by industry leaders who are looking for a more efficient and sustainable way to power their fleets without sacrificing performance.

Horton already has a long-standing history as an engine cooling system leader in the on-and-off-highway heavy-duty equipment industry. While this is a new venture for the company, it’s heavily embodied in the organizations values of being a pillar in technology and service innovation.  Horton’s CEO, Cordell Dietz, expressed his excitement about this area of growth for the company. 

“Over 50 years ago, Horton led the adoption of fan drive technology in the commercial vehicle market, helping our customers reduce fuel usage and increase uptime. Electrification marks the largest change to cooling systems since then, and Horton is at the leading edge again, helping our OEM customers increase efficiency and range, as well as reduce charging times. All these features will help make commercial ZEV’s more practical and drive faster adoption,” said Dietz. “We have a very talented R&D  team working closely with our customers on this project and I’m proud to say that Horton is once again helping to lead the industry forward.”

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