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Home Resources Case Studies Horton Solves Overcooling Problems in Generator Sets for N C Machinery

Horton Solves Overcooling Problems in Generator Sets for N C Machinery


June 6, 2017

Our customers expect their generators to work reliably, just like when they flip a light switch in their homes. Horton helped us solve the challenge of cold-weather operation so our equipment could meet the same high expectation.” Erick Pomrenke – N C Machinery

Horton recently released a new case study highlighting the solution for a customer in Alaska who was experiencing overcooling from the cold temperatures. 

N C Machinery has been in business for over 100 years and is one of the earliest trading and mercantile companies in Alaska. In 1926, it became an official dealer for CAT®. Some of their customers reported experiencing generator set performance issues associated with “overcooling”. Overcooling can prevent engines from reaching their optimal operating temperatures. The result is improperly burned fuel and inefficient operation.

Horton provided N C Machinery with a complete Variable-Speed Fan Drive Upgrade Kit, specifically tailored for the gensets in N C’s fleet. After installing the upgrade kit, the generator was able to achieve and maintain optimal operating temperature. The result was increased reliability and performance, despite inclement conditions. The solution had the added benefits of helping to prevent control panels from freezing and reducing the effect of snow infiltration.

In addition, given the cooling fan was only cooling as much as needed, there was less load on the engine, increase fuel efficiency. Moreover, the unit was quieter. N C is now retrofitting the rest of its generator fleet with the upgrade kits from Horton and plans to equip future sets similarly.