Britton Facility

Join Horton at its Britton, South Dakota location and enjoy a gateway to the old west through rolling prairies and the stunning, natural beauty of green forests, steep hills and rugged granite peaks. It’s a quiet place, a friendly place, where neighbors know neighbors, friends can last a lifetime and strangers give you a friendly wave — the kind of place where the quality of living far exceeds the cost.

In addition to the storied history of South Dakota, it is filled with landmark national parks and monuments including Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park (where the buffalo still roam) and Badlands National Park. Not surprisingly, it is one of the best states for outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. If you’re interested in other sporting pursuits, there’s many biking and hiking trails with several right in Britton itself! For a small community, it boasts fitness centers, a running track, community pool, mature golf course, softball and baseball fields, etc. Britton has everything you would expect from a larger city, including premium healthcare.

What makes Britton (and South Dakota) an ideal place to live is you can enjoy all its amenities at a cost that is below the national average — and this applies to healthcare, housing, utilities, transportation and food. The crime rate is way below the national average, too. Plus, there’s no state income tax, property tax or inheritance tax. Your money goes a long way. No wonder it ranks as the #3 state for well-being and happiness according to Gallup.

Here are some great reasons to join Horton in Britton:

1.    High quality of life. Low cost of living

2.    Outdoor and recreational mecca with four seasons

3.    Small town atmosphere. Big city amenities

4.    Thriving job market

5.    Family orientation