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Horton unveils redesigned online catalog


September 3, 2019

Horton has unveiled a brand-new online parts catalog with features that make it easier than ever for customers to find product information – wherever they are, whatever device they’re using.

The redesigned catalog allows users to look up products by vehicle, part number or component type. Replacement and repair options are now easier to find, and a simplified cross-reference system makes it simple to identify Horton fans and clutches that can replace competitor parts.

The new catalog experience includes the following:

  • VIN lookup: Users can search for a specific vehicle and its corresponding Horton part(s) by entering the vehicle’s VIN. Customers can also continue to find product information by searching for the part number found on the Horton part or packaging itself, or by entering details such as vehicle manufacturer, year, make and model.
  • Easy sitewide navigation: All part numbers are now live and clickable, ensuring a smoother, faster user experience.
  • Mobile-friendly interface: Customers on the go can head to the Horton catalog on their mobile device or tablet and easily find product information wherever they are.
  • Repair and replacement options: These are now called out prominently on all product pages to give users easy access to the parts they need to get their equipment back up and running.

Horton is also collecting user feedback to make the site even more helpful. Based on that information, the company plans to add even more features to the catalog over the next several months.

The legacy catalog will remain available during this time before being phased out completely.