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Home Resources Blog Horton partners with OptiCat to provide rich aftermarket parts e-commerce data to customers

Horton partners with OptiCat to provide rich aftermarket parts e-commerce data to customers


November 2, 2020

ROSEVILLE, Minnesota — Horton has partnered with data management software developer OptiCat to deliver streamlined, high-quality parts data to customers for use on their e-commerce platforms.

According to Heavy Duty Trucking, 15 percent of heavy-duty truck part transactions are expected to take place online by the year 2023. The global shift to online buying comes with a need to maintain longstanding relationships with dealers, distributors and manufacturers throughout the supply chain.

Horton sought a solution that allowed it to easily assist retailers throughout the aftermarket in selling fans, fan clutches and other cooling components online.

“Digital transformation is coming to the trucking industry; in many ways, it’s already here,” said Mat Stahl, Horton on-highway product manager. “Horton’s mission is to help customers be as well-equipped as possible for digital transactions, and our relationship with OptiCat makes sharing information seamless.”

Dealers and distributors interested in selling Horton parts online can reach out to their local Horton rep or email to learn how to access this information.

South Jordan, Utah-based OptiCat and Horton work together to synthesize data into the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) formats, set out by the trucking arm of the Auto Care Association, HDDA. Adapted from the automotive industry, these standards allow suppliers and online parts retailers to all work in the same data formats.

This eliminates unnecessary legwork to share data and makes the flow of information from supplier to end customer smooth and instant.

Customers designated as “receivers” in OptiCat’s OnDemand program can access all the necessary Horton parts data — including descriptions, dimensions and, soon to come, high-resolution images — to list Horton parts on their e-commerce sites. When Horton’s data is updated, so is that of its designated receivers.

This allows parts managers and end customers to access the most up-to-date available parts from Horton. In just a couple of clicks, they can order them via a dealer or distributor’s website and get trucks back on the road that much faster.

“We are very excited to partner with Horton,” said Blake Barson, OptiCat’s director of data services and national sales. “We specialize in helping companies like Horton and their customers work together to take data straight from suppliers’ internal systems all the way to the customer clicking “purchase” on dealer and distributor e-commerce sites.

“Horton is a leader in the engine cooling world, and we’re proud to lead alongside them when it comes to online parts sales.”

OptiCat has developed and continues to create software programs that assist suppliers and manufacturers in the delivery and receiving of high-quality product data. It works closely with suppliers, retailers, wholesale distributors, service shops and, of course the Auto Care Association to build and enhance programs that are needed in the aftermarket.

As a leading provider of cooling fans and fan drive technologies, Horton allows diesel engines to operate at optimal temperature – even in the most demanding conditions. It’s been helping trucks, heavy vehicles and equipment operate longer, run quieter with more available horsepower, and consume less fuel for more than 65 years.