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Home Cooling Solutions Fans


Our company offers top-notch cooling fans specifically designed for heavy-duty equipment and vehicles. Our wide range of options are tailored to suit the diverse needs of customers across various industries.




Metal engine cooling fans

Highly-customizable, with multiple blade configurations in steel or aluminum. Available diameter range: 254 – 2,438 mm [10″ – 96″]


Composite Nylon Fans

Nylon blades attached to metal spiders for lighter weight and added efficiency. Available diameter range: 864 – 1,194 mm [34” – 47”]

HM1400 Modular Fan

Utilizes the optimized HTEC blade design while providing the reduced weight of the proven Horton molded blade: 890 – 1,422mm [35″ – 56″]

HTEC 2500 Series Fan

Thermoset composite provides for metal like strength but efficiency of molded nylon. High speed ratings with low noise and corrosion resistant properties. Available diameter range: 1,651 – 2,438 mm [65” – 96”]

Shogun Modular Fans

Ideal for reduced-emission engines with flexibility in terms of blade counts and bolt circles fastened by rivets to a durably-constructed center disk. Available diameter range: 406.4 – 559 mm [16” – 22”]

WindShift Fans

Innovative clamshell knuckles attachment system provides flexibility in terms of pitch angles and three different blade shapes for optimized performance. Available diameter range: 610 – 1,320 mm [24” – 52”]


HS Series

Innovative design provides increased flow and pressure required by heavy-duty trucks of today and tomorrow. 610-864 mm [24-34 in.]

LS Series

Compact 11-blade design with optimized blades for minimized deflection and reduced fan stress. Allows for custom pilot of bolt circles. Available diameter range: 450 – 600.2mm [17.72″ – 23.62″]

MS Series

Less aggressive, 8-blade design for lower power engines. Available diameter range: 559 – 813 mm [22” – 32”]

RS Nylon Molded Ring Fans

Higher cooling performance at lower fan speeds with ring design that reduces fan-tip turbulence. Ideal for heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks and buses. 550 – 813 mm [22” – 32”]