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The Horton
Quickship Program

With multiple warehouse locations in the U.S. and Canada, Horton has the capability of shipping in-stock products to dealers or distributors fast. View up-to-date available inventory and order parts right from your computer (registered Horton customers only).

Get it Right. Get it Fast.

No matter where you’re located, Horton can deliver the OE-trusted engine cooling parts you need, typically in one to two days.

One-or two-day Delivery for Customer-Paid Freight

Shipping Hours

Common and Uncommon
Parts Available

Horton has QuickShip warehouses throughout North America ready to meet customers’ engine cooling system needs. Both delivery and will-call parts available.

How to use Quickship

Horton Distributors

  1. Sign up or log into Horton’s online ordering portal.
  2. Enter the part number(s) and quantity you wish to order. Need help finding parts? Search Horton’s online catalog.
  3. Select a QuickShip warehouse with available inventory.
  4. Click “Add to Cart” and check out when ready.

Other Users

  1. Log in and sign up through our E-Commerce store for access to Horton’s inventory search.
  2. Enter the part number(s) you’re interesting in viewing.
  3. Place an order online or through your local dealer or independent distributor.

Call Horton Customer Service at 1 (800) 621-1320 to learn how to sign up for online parts ordering or to place a direct order over the phone.

Horton Quickship Warehouse Policy Guidelines

  • Please specify QuickShip service on all orders for customer-paid freight from QuickShip Warehouses.
  • Any quantity of items in stock may be ordered from QuickShip Warehouses.
  • Parts will be shipped from the warehouse located nearest you that has the parts on hand.
  • Will-call parts pickup service: please contact Horton customer service for details.
  • Drop-ship service is available. Please contact Horton customer service for details.

Quickship Warehouse Ordering and Shipping Information

  • QuickShip Warehouses cannot accept orders or returns. Contact Horton customer service for ordering, shipping status and product returns. Warehouse addresses and telephone numbers are provided for will-call pickups only.
  • Inventory in the U.S. is accessible from the U.S. only and inventory in Canada is accessible from Canada only.  It is not possible to ship inventory from a QuickShip warehouse over the border in either direction.
  • One- or two-day ground delivery service is available for in-stock items ordered no later than 2:30 PM cut-off time. The last will-call pickup time is 4:30 PM local time. Cut-off times may be later for some locations. Call customer service at 1 (800) 621-1320 for details.
  • A fee of US $25 applies to late order placement. Contact Horton customer service for orders placed after cut-off times.
  • If requested parts are not in stock at QuickShip Warehouses, contact Horton customer service for lead time and delivery schedule.