On-Highway Cooling Fans HS11 Nylon Fan

HS11 Nylon Engine Cooling Fan

HS11 Fans deliver improved airflow and efficiency to meet the cooling needs of the new EGR engines in heavy-duty trucks. Available in 28" - 34" 711 - 864 mm diameters, the 11-blade fans feature a computer-optimized blade design. This unique construction minimizes deflection and reduces fan stress, providing more stable airflow and higher efficiency. The result is maximum cooling performance and cost efficiency with quieter operation.


  • Medium duty trucks
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Vocational Trucks
  • Variety of off-highway equipment


28"-34" [711-864 mm]
Blade Configurations
Standard Pilots
2-7.1 [51-180 mm]
Pitch Width
3.70 [94 mm]
34 diameter fan = 11.5 lbs. [5.24 kg]

Features & Benefits

  • 11-blade standard fans in 28”-34” diameters
  • Unique blade design improves airflow and efficiency
  • Maximum engine cooling performance and cost efficiency with quieter operation
  • Hubless honeycomb mounting pilot reduces shipping and storage costs
  • Meets the cooling needs of EGR engines in heavy-duty trucks

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