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Off-Highway Cooling Fans RS Nylon Molded Ring Fans

WindMaster Molded Ring Cooling Fan

Developed specifically to deliver higher cooling performance at lower fan speeds, RS Molded Ring Fans also improve fuel economy.

The distinctive ringed design reduces cooling fan tip turbulence. Enclosing the fan blade circumference enhances engine cooling, and results in quieter operation. Manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced, heat-stabilized plastic materials, RS Molded Ring Fans retain their strength even at high operating temperatures.


  • Agricultural tractors
  • Variety of on-highway equipment


24"-30" [600-750 mm]
Blade Configurations
Standard Pilots
5-7 [127-180 mm]
29.5 diameter fan = 11.9 lbs. [5.4 kg]

Other diameter sizes available upon request.

Features & Benefits

  • Higher cooling performance at lower fan speeds with 9-blade ring design that reduces fan-tip turbulence for lower noise
  • Fiberglass-reinforced, heat-stabilized construction for strength and durability
  • Retains shape and strength at high temperatures for long performance life
  • Lightweight design and optimized cooling for improved fuel efficiency

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