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Off-Highway Drives RCV2000 Fully Variable Fan Drives

RCV2000 Fully Variable Fan Drive

The RCV2000 Fully Variable Fan Drive is designed for precision cooling of large-bore diesel applications and specifically, for high horsepower off-highway applications with 50-Liter engines and larger. The RCV2000 boasts innovations throughout its design to improve reaction time and control of modulation to yield fuel savings, productivity and the reliability required by tough off-highway applications.


  • Mining haul trucks
  • Mining excavators
  • Remote radiator packages
  • Oil & Gas – Pumping vehicles and equipment
  • Generator Sets
  • Construction excavators
  • Construction wheel-loaders
  • Other large bore engine applications


Maximum Torque
Up to 2,500 N-m [22,126 in.-lbs.] (on/off)
Typical Fan Blade Size
Up to 2438 mm [96 in.]
Typical Engine Power Range
1,268–2,983 kW [1,700–4,000 hp]

Features & Benefits

  • Full-range variable speed control reduces operating noise, lowers fuel costs and provides cold weather performance advantages
  • Near-zero fan off-speed decreases parasitic loss to preserve horsepower and provide efficient cooling
  • Does not use engine oil or hydraulic lines
  • Smooth fan engagements and fan modulation
  • Simpler and cleaner installation with low part count
  • No maintenance
  • Integral fan speed sensor for closed-loop control

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Horton’s RCV2000 drive has been specifically designed for large off-highway applications operating in harsh, challenging environments.

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