Is a Two-Speed Fan Clutch Right For You?

A two-speed fan clutch is ideal for vocation, heavy-haul, severe-duty or other applications that may require full fan speed more than 10% of the time.
DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Clutch:
  • Ideal for vocational, severe duty and heavy-haul or other applications that have little to no ram air (garbage trucks, cement trucks etc.)
  • Proven technology and durable OEM spec design
  • Greatly reduces the number of full fan speed engagements and extends product life
  • Saves fuel, reduces noise, increases available engine horsepower and provides for better driver comfort
  • Optimal for an application where an on/off fan clutch would need to engage more than 10% of the time to keep the engine cool.
  • Alternates between an eddy current off-speed and a spring-actuated full-speed for optimized cooling. The spring actuates when full fan speed is needed while the off-speed is around 500-700 rpm to satisfy cooling needs and air conditioning.