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Horton is a premium provider of engine cooling solutions worldwide. The company manufactures and markets fan drives, fans and related components in on-highway, off-highway and industrial sectors. Markets include heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks, buses, motor coaches/RVs, off-road vehicles and equipment, industrial compressors, generators, refrigeration units, etc. Learn more about how Horton helps engines run longer and quieter with less fuel in the following news articles.

Horton Receives Prestigious Award from PACCAR

Horton is proud to be part of PACCAR's  top performing suppliers in its Supplier Performance Management (SPM) program. See the full press release on PACCAR's website.

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New HM1400 For Off-Highway Applications

The HM1400 fan utilizes the optimized blade design of the HTEC fan family while providing the reduced weight of the proven Horton nylon. This combination allows efficient, customizable performance to meet your cooling needs in mid-range fan diameters.

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Is a Two-Speed Fan Clutch Right For You?

A two-speed fan clutch is ideal for vocation, heavy-haul, severe-duty or other applications that may require full fan speed more than 10% of the time.

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Horton Exhibiting at IAA 2018, Booth D12 - Hall 23

During the IAA 2018 event in Hanover, Germany, Horton will be displaying the latest innovative fans and drives for the on-highway truck market.  Learn more at www.HortonIAA.com

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The Impact of Torque on Fan Clutch Performance

A fan clutch must apply a certain amount of torque to rotating components in order to engage the fan, overcome the resistance to turn it, and keep it spinning. The resistance of the fan, to the fan clutch, increases in relation to the size of the fan, the number and pitch of the blades and the RPMs of the engine.

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Variable-Speed Fan Drives Lower Noise, Fuel Costs and Engine Load for Genpower

"Being able to vary the fan's operating speed brings fuel costs and sound levels down even further, while reduced engine stress extends the lifetime of both engine and generator set." Johan Deen - Genpower Rental and Logistics Manager

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