Variable-Speed Fan Drives Lower Noise, Fuel Costs and Engine Load for Genpower

"Being able to vary the fan's operating speed brings fuel costs and sound levels down even further, while reduced engine stress extends the lifetime of both engine and generator set." Johan Deen - Genpower Rental and Logistics Manager

Horton recently released a new case study highlighting the solution for an engine distributor and service provider customer in Netherlands and their rental genset customer.

NPS Diesel is the official importer, distributor and service provider for John Deere engines and accessories in France, Iceland and the Benelux countries.  It serves customers in the agriculture, forestry, mining, marine, industrial and power gen.  For power gen, it offers Stage III generator drive engines from 30 to 300 kVA.

NPS Diesel's customer Genpower, a purveyor of rental gen sets for the construction industry, wanted to minimize the environmental footprint of its gensets in terms of noise, fuel consumption and product life.  Noise was a particular challenge for its construction customers when it comes to projects based in or near neighborhoods, business districts or parks, all of which are protected by stringent noise regulation.

Implementing variable speed fan drives helped Genpower achieve these goals.  Most generator sets run at a constant speed, regardless of load, and the cooling fan is driven directly by the engine so it must be designed for the highest load and ambient condition. Often though the genset is not operating in these conditions and therefore excess cooling is occurring which wastes fuel, uses more horsepower and creates a lot of noise.  By using a variable-speed fan drive, which rotates the fan speed only as fast as required to provide the needed cooling, much lower fan speeds and precision cooling were achieved significantly lowering noise, reducing fuel consumption and parasitic horsepower draw